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Real fun! I immediately started strategizing and attempting to min/max. Really clever concept, and very difficult at first! Looking forward to checking back later and seeing all the improvements you'll make. Great job!

Digging the idea.
Maybe a bug, maybe I'm missing something, but it looks like I can't play a card after drawing mid-turn?

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Yeah, apparently there is a bug with the draw card.  :(
It was working when I implemented it, I swear! :D
(I can't upload a fix now due to the game jam participation, but will do so after the jam, in a week.)

And here I taught Hearthstone had too much RNG :P

Really interesting concept, but I feel the chance of spells backfiring that early in the game is too high. It took me like 4 tries to beat the first monster.

Hey, at least my game got compared to Hearthstone, right? :D

And yeah, I didn't have time to make a proper balance pass, although it could just be that the game's core idea is too random and can't be balanced in a good way. I plan to explore that later this month or next. :)

(A strategy that seems to work very often for me (at least in the first levels) is to just cast everything on the enemy. Not too exciting, I know :D )

Oh this concept is really nice! There's suprising depth in such a "random" game. Sorry to hear about the intro not making it in, I hope you come around to updating this after the rating period. Would love to see this with a bit more polish on mobile. I'll definitely play this again if/when you update it post jam.

Really cool idea!! I only got a few fights deep, but I could see this being pretty interesting with more time invested.  Great work

Thanks! :) I am considering putting some more time in it, to see if I can turn it into an actual releaseable project.

This game has beautiful graphics and very fun gameplay! It could use some music, though.


Glad that you like it! :)
Agreed about the music. Sound and visual effects would also be nice, but one can only do so much in 48 hours. I'm definitely doing next jam in a team! :)
(And just to clarify, the art is from the Unity Asset Store.)